Saturday, February 9, 2008

Some photos, as requested

M, Your wish is my command. :-)
The following are photos of just a couple of my deaf dog students. (Admitedly these ones are also my God dogs.) The first was Genki, an akita owned by friends I met due to mutual akita ownership. Our husbands would call it mutual akita craziness given the chance, but who listens to them? VBG
This handsome pup grew into this beautiful boy.

With his dad back when I offered group classes.

Sadly we lost Genki much to soon. He was a sweet boy who is dearly missed.
This is their mom with their 2 current akitas. Nani on the left is also deaf. Big brother Tomo is on the right. (Yes he is a big boy, even for an akita.)

They are both as sweet as they come too.

Nani's baby pic. The dynamic duo under the tree.
Here they are hanging out with mom and dad at the office. Everyday is bring your dogs to work day for them. (lucky!)

Since I am lucky enough to have great friends with big hearts,* you can see I have had a fair share of practice in the field of working with deaf dogs. (*who have opened their hearts not once but twice to the challenge of deaf dog ownership.) It seems wrong to call it work when it is so much fun!

(Couldn't forget a baby pic of Tomo!)


Hannah said...

Oh my gosh, is there anything cuter than an Akita puppy??? Cute post! :]

Marie said...

I should say no here huh? VBG I have to admit though that I am a sucker for a photo of just about any puppy.

Of course it was a pic of an akita puppy that got me interested in the breed so I guess I do agree that they are darn cute!

Anonymous said...

OK...I know I'm a slacker ~ but you definitely made me grab a tissue! Thanks so much for the GodDog Post! Come visit them soon!