Monday, February 25, 2008

You can't please them all

Jake has been at the prison for less that a full day and I already have someone irritated with me. That was fast. Or more accurately my decision to put him in the program. An unhappy gentleman called me at home and left a message on my machine wondering why I would send him to the program if he already had someone interested in adopting him. (That person being him.)
I have one very good answer for that. It isn't about getting him into a home, it is about him getting into a home so that he KEEPS it. Sure a handsome boxer will garner lots of interest, but his inappropriate behavior and lack of training might just get him a revolving door adoption once his behavior pushes the new adopters past his cute threshold.
So I'm here to say, it isn't about you Mr. Adopter, but the dog that matters most here. I'm sorry you are annoyed that you missed out on him when his adoption fee would have been lower as you complained about on my machine. If you really are interested in him, than you may put in a new application once he is finished with his basic training. Trust me, the higher adoption fee doesn't begin to cover the cost of training if you were to get the same on the outside once he has been adopted. If you are a good match, and if your current dog gets along with him, then you might be his next home. Until then, he will be at the prison learning manners and lessons to help make that transition easier for everyone in his next home.
In the meantime you are welcome to check out the FIVE boxer rescue groups that cover our area that have more than a few handsome dogs available for adoption if you are dead set on getting another boxer. But know that they work to match dogs into the right home as well. It's not like ordering fast food. It's adding a family member that will be with you for years to come. Our goal is to make those years happy ones that last in that home.

There is nothing wrong with having patience when looking to add a dog to your home. Good things come to those who wait after all.
***P.S. The cutie in the photo above is Tyson who is available through Second Chance Boxer Rescue***

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Hannah said...

How ridiculous. I can't believe the nerve of some people. I think you did the right thing. Like you said, the important thing here is to make sure that Jake's next home is his forever home, not to fulfill some guy's need for a macho dog or whatever. Ugh.