Thursday, February 28, 2008

My nephew

This is my sisters dog Zeus.

She adopted Zeus after Katrina from our local shelter who worked to get some of those dogs shipped up here. As you will see he is quite small for a bulldog. He needed to have a vet visit and she had to work so I took him for her.

**Note: Before you rush out to get a bulldog because they are cute be aware many are walking vet bills. Zeus is no exception. Being a bulldog, and most likely a back yard bred dog, he is at the vet ALOT for skin issues and needs constant bathing. He could also use a surgery to help his breathing in the future. Note his tongue doesn't quite fit his mouth.**

When she came to pick him up I had her show off his paw trick and in general be cute to catch some video of him.

The video below might not show an opening photo but if you hit play at the left it should work just fine.

He also snores and throws up alot. (food regurge) But we love him anyways. :-)

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