Saturday, February 2, 2008

A few cute faces to share.

This gorgeous face belongs to an 8 month old American Bulldog named Emmy I saw the other day. She is quite the handful. Excuse the terrible photo. (I have no idea why her eyes look that that in the pic.)

Here is 6 month old Derby. He is a very excitable pug. Here he is (slightly) tuckered out at the end of our session. He was very attentive.
I thought this was a great relaxed shot of Grizz to show. He got to meet a potential adopter on Friday but it wasn't the right match for everyone.
It seems that the videos my crappy camera takes will upload if I keep them to 15 seconds or less. So here are a couple I took the other day of Grizz and Jack playing. I have better ones of them together but they are longer and won't upload for some reason. (Can we say fustrated?) This is one of those times I wish I were more computer savey. Anyhow-Enjoy!


Riley said...
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Riley said...

Beautiful dogs, all of them. :]

I'm not sure if it's your camera that is the problem or Blogger itself, but I like Google Video for hosting my larger files.

I hope this link works. This is a cute one of Apollo with our pet rats.