Monday, August 30, 2010

Cooper has a home

The problem with having multiple facebook accounts and a blog is that I sometimes forget who I have shared what information with. In case I haven't mentioned it here Cooper has an adopter all lined up for him. He will be at the prison for one more week recuperating from his broken leg. He got the splint off last week and he still has a limp sometimes. The muscles have atrophied a bit so they need to get strong again. He is currently on "light duty". No running or jumping off stuff or playing roughly with Walker. We don't want to chance him ending up back at square one. Most of the bone looks great but there was still one thin spot that needs to fill in abit more. He was in the splint for 8 weeks and this will give him 2 weeks out of it total before he goes into his new home.

This is his leg one week out of the splint. It did a number on the fur as you can see. He's in good spirits though. I will be doing a training session with his new person at the time of pickup so I can show him what Cooper knows and how we taught it to him. He is retired and plans on taking him with him as much as possible on his daily travels. I think Cooper deserves a home where he gets a lot of individual attention. I do think he will miss his handlers, but as dogs can do he will adjust. I know he will be missed by us too.

I wish I knew the story of who left him at the shelter and why. My first reaction was disgust that someone would dump a dog in an outside pen after hours leaving us no history. Upon more thought however it is possible a good samaritan put him there. And even if it was an owner at least they didn't let him loose to fend for himself in the woods. Landing at the shelter turned out to be a very good deal for our sweet and shy Cooper.

If someone left him there to save him I wish I could let them know they did a great thing. If it were an owner, I hope it was because they couldn't keep him so found a better place for him, not that they didn't want to be bothered with him. If it was someone who couldn't be bothered, wow did someone seriously miss the boat on a great dog. He was rough around his edges when we got him but he sure smoothed out nicely.

I just love a happy ending.

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JulieandCaleb said...

Hooray for happy endings!