Sunday, August 15, 2010

Walker makes a friend and my 1st razzy award

Walker did great at the boat show today. He made a new friend named Price and they played together a lot. (Price is also available for adoption at HSKC.) He went back to the prison quite exhausted. We also found out that Walker IS food possessive with another dog around. This is excellent information to find out before his adoption. We can warn potential adopters so it isn't a deal breaker for anyone. (which will hopefully prevent him bouncing back) I can also give tips for management and come up with a behavior modification protocol to change the behavior if he does go into a home with another dog.

It was a beautiful day and we collected a lot of money for the shelter. I even learned how to run the dog tag machine. I also had one of the most amazing chocolate chip cookies and a quadruple chocolate ice creme cone. Yum!!

And now for my FIRST EVER Razzy award!!

The only down part of the day was our neighbor in the booth next to us. I am so mad about it I could just spit. But that is unlady like so I shall use my only superpower and blog about it instead. I am not sure if she was the gallery owner but the booth she was in belonged to the Franciska Needham Gallery. Just after I arrived at the shelters booth to help out she loudly pronounced that we had "Excessive signage" and that it was "Poorly done". Wow, how truly tactless! First if we were in her way at all there are nicer ways to ask us to move our stuff. (which we did anyhow to be polite) And how incredibly rude for an "Art" person to tell us our signs are not nice considering a volunteer painted them and did what we think is an incredible job! (They were the same signs we had on our float for the parade.) Pardon us, a non-profit organization, for spending our money on things like food for the animals and vet care instead of professionally made signs. What were we thinking?? Then later she walked by with another person and we over heard her say that this was the art tent and she had "No idea why we were there." Ummm we were there because that's where the event organizers put us. Sorry if that downgraded your property. So for your efforts and kindness today lady the Razzy goes to you.

Yes I feel a little better now.

Thank you to Maine, Boats, Homes & Harbors for not only giving us space at the event but matching ALL donations this week. Bravo to you for being so supportive!!!


blogdog said...

Talk about rude! She just lost another visitor to that gallery. Just goes to show you that not all bitches are of the canine variety...

Jen Blood said...

I still can't get over that woman! She clearly doesn't know who she's messing with, though - midcoast Maine is a small community that LOVES its dogs... Dissing the Humane Society really is not the best way to make a good impression around here!

Marie said...

I guess it takes all kinds. She probably figures it doesn't matter and won't affect her business to be rude to us peons. I hope Karma bites her in the ass.