Sunday, August 22, 2010

Things that make you go ewwww

Check out this post from Frogdog on using rendered pets in pet food. For those that don't know rendered means boiled down until it is a paste. It is then used as an ingredient in food as protein source. For those that want to know more about this practice read the book "Food Pets Die For" by Ann Martin. While I love her book she isn't a fan of people feeding raw diets. A fact I find odd because she totally disagrees with vets who sell what she considers substandard food and considers it a conflict of interest, yet then sides with them on the raw food debate. Regardless it is a great book on how to read pet food labels and I love that she lists HOW she got all of her information.

Aside from the issue of if it is right to use pets as food for other pets, (Remember that mad cow disease began because people fed rendered cows to other cows as a cheap feed filler.) there is the issue of using pets that have been euthanized. Think about that, is it a good idea to have euthanasia solution as an ingredient in pet food an any amount??? Because if you think they are just using roadkill pets think again. Don't kid yourself. The pet food business is about money. Buying cheap ingredients saves them in the long run. Learn how to read those labels so you can find good pet food companies if you feed kibble food. Your other option is to either cook for them or feed a raw diet. Both acceptable options with some research on your part.

Kinda glad I went back to feeding raw after watching that. I'd say this might be a wake up call for people to consider what is going into their pets food.
As a side note because I lived in London during the mad cow era I am ineligible to give blood in this country. A fact that if I think about to much kinda freaks me out.
(Photo - When I did a search for a good photo to accompany this post I actually found one I considered to graphic to use here. I have to admit I will be much more careful about what words I plug into a search engine from now on.)

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