Saturday, August 7, 2010

Support your local shelters!!

We are glutons for punishment so we did another float. This time for the Maine Lobster Festival parade. Here are just a few of the photos I took before the parade.

We updated some of our signs. This is cat litter boy.

I love the back!

Check out our new volunteer mobile! Our awesome volunteer co-ordinator Joan Vargas not only thought up the idea but volunteered her own smart car for it. Yay for volunteers!!

It rocks!

A shelter that covers 22 towns needs all the help it can get! Visibility is important!

It is quite the attention getter.

Advertising that helps the shelter too!

Before the parade.

Fenway our superstar! Thanks to Heidi of The Loyal Biscuit for being a good sport and helping show off what shelter dogs can do! (She got to ride in the truck being the star and all.)

Our "pitch in to help" pool.


Side 1.

Side 2.

Our sign maker did an incredible job!!

We had alot of info we wanted to get out to the public.

I think we did a great job. We even have some ideas for next time! Thanks to everyone who helped out. Making signs, walking with the signs, collecting donations during the parade, handing out dog biscuits with wish lists and volunteer help cards to the crowd, driving the car/truck, walking with the banner. SO many hands together can get alot accomplished!!! When it comes to supporting your local shelter remember that every little bit helps.


teri said...

Great Job!! Looks like it was a lot of fun...I am sorry I missed it!

SheSpeaksBark said...

Wow the float looks great. I always love to see people helping out their local shelters!

jen said...


I adore litter boy!

lin said...

Our shelter and friends group walked in the local July 4 parade. We had cute decorations, but I have to say yours are cleverer!

Marie said...

Thanks everyone. Lin feel free to borrow the ideas. (Unless you're in our area. VBG)

Stephanie said...
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