Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lessons learned the hard way

You want me to do what???
OK so just call me stupid. As I mentioned I am entered in an APDT rally on September 18th. (actually 3 trials on one day) Jenny and I only need 1 more qualifying score to get our APDT rally level 1 title. That's very cool. I entered all 3 because I thought once we got that title I'd continue in level 1 to go for my rally level 1 excellent title. Well it turns out that to go for that specific title you need to get qualifying scores in both a level 1 and level 2 at the same trial. I am not sure of all the exact details (I need to go read more on the APDT website.) but this means I would need to move up to the next level on the 18th if we get that level 1 qualifying score.

Umm have I mentioned we don't know those signs yet? Did you know that level has a jump in it? And heeling off leash around bowls with FOOD in them??? My husband laughed when I told him about this exercise. He thinks we don't have a chance in hell passing this one. It is definitely going to be a challenge given her fabulous nose and predilection for anything edible. The off leash part of level 2 shouldn't be an issue thankfully. (aside from the food exercise) She has a beautiful heel.

~sigh~ Well I know we will have fun but I admit I am probably going to be stressing out trying to get all this practice in before the trial. It's all my fault. I was unprepared and made assumptions that were wrong. The good part is that Jenny loves to train, AND I have a jump we can practice with. That helps alot. I also managed to download all the signs today. I just need to go get some cardstock and page protectors so I can add them to my binder.

This may be an epic fail on my part. I need to learn and teach 18 new signs not counting the 6 bonus signs. Thankfully some of them are a variation on signs we already know. Let this be a lesson to others to read all of the rules BEFORE you enter a trial. Know what you are supposed to be doing before you are supposed to be doing it.

Methinks the video from this might be a doozy! VBG


Gina said...

I hear ya there! I actually taught Moby to target a metal food dish for sending in agility...years ago...what do you think my chances are for advancement with Moby in Rally Level 2????? YIKES!

kathi said...

Hi, Marie - your plan still works as is, actually! To get the RL1X, you do not need to compete in any level other than Level 1B. So with 3 trials, if you Q at the first one, you move to Level 1B for the next two and hopefully get your first two of the 10 legs for the RL1X.

It sounds like you may have it confused with the ARCH, in which you have to get a certain number of points, plus Qs in both Level 1B and Level 2B.

Marie said...

Gina, Funny! I taught my first akita to jump over baby gates to get away from the kids when they were toddlers. The one time I showed him in AKC novice you can imagine what he did. Yup, jumped the "gate" and had a grand ole time in the field next to us! Sometimes what we teach comes back to haunt us.

Kathi, OMG Thank you!!! OK I really need to do more reading on the subject. I was sort of freaking out at the thought of what I needed to get done so quickly!

gooddogz said...

You will do fine. My last dog Dina jumped baby gates to get away from the kids, but she was a...Border Collie.