Saturday, August 14, 2010

A K-9 Corrections update

The bad news is that Cooper didn't get his splint off the other day as expected. The x-ray wasn't quite what the Dr. wanted to see so he gets two more weeks to make it 8 total. It is better to be careful though so he doesn't re-break it and we end up back at square one. The good news is that he met a potential adopter and it looks like a match. He is going to finally get a great home with an owner that will dote on him as every dog should have. It is a little sad as I know he will miss his handlers. He has really bonded with one of them and I know he will do some owner searching in his new home for a while. I've explained it to the person so they know what to expect. Once he is out of his splint he will be headed to his new home. He has come a long way on the program and looks great now too. Fingers crossed for a smooth transition when the time comes. Walker is now also available for adoption. He had a slumber party last night at the shelter so he could be seen by the masses. Tomorrow he is headed to the Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors Show so he can be seen by even more people in hopes he stirs up some interest. This will be his first public appearance. I'm sure he'll make a good impression even though he is not there as a Boatyard Dog contestant. (They put the kibosh to shelter dogs entering after we were the crowd favorite the year we won. VBG) He'll just be there for the parade and meet and greets at the shelter's tent. I really want to find him a home with another doggy buddy to play with. He has a LOT of energy to burn. If not a doggy buddy he will need an active owner that wants to take him running daily. (or maybe they will have friends with dogs he can play with)
He is a very smart 10 month old neutered male hound mix who has learned a lot on the program. He is also a dog that will need an owner that will continue to practice what he has learned because he needs the direction to keep him out of trouble. For those that may be interested contact The Humane Society of Knox County for an adoption application. He is house trained and crate trained on top of knowing all the basics like sit, down, come, and stay. (And how to drink out of a water fountain.) The other thing we taught him was some APDT Rally Obedience basics. He knows how to swing left to get into the heel position for instance. I know that's not exactly something an average adopter may be interested in. Learning Rally is a great way to practice the dogs skills and teach the handlers how to train specific exercises which is why we use it on the program.
I've heard the weather is suposed to be great this weekend so if you're in the area tomorrow swing by and say hello. Walker would love to make a new friend.

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