Monday, August 23, 2010

It's the little things

Our french bulldog Missy used to love popcorn. I don't mean a casual love like she loves her butt scratched, but loved as in I will do ANYthing for a piece of that heavenly food. She could even do a Jedi mind trick with her stare. "Give me the popcorn you will". (It's the only time she didn't speak in a french accent.) I don't know why and I don't remember how we discovered it. When she was still adjusting to living with us we used it to our advantage. Nothing worked to coax her out of her spot when she arrived except for fresh microwave popcorn. She would forget everything and literally come running skittering across the floor in our direction. I think we made popcorn every night for a month getting her to interact with us. It certainly did the trick. I even used it later in our training sessions. Talk about a cheap food reward! Some of the best photos I have of her were taken during her popcorn begging routines. (like photo above)
Jenny on the other hand thinks popcorn isn't even an edible food. Jenny our walking vacuum cleaner of crumbs and all things food. Toss her a piece and she might pick it up, usually just to grab it from Jack first. Then she'll chew once or twice and spit it out and looks at you as if you were trying to feed her styrofoam. You can almost see her thinking "What the hell are you trying to pull"? Popcorn is the only food she ignores and doesn't even think about begging for. I'm sure she wonders why we eat it.
The other morning after our chores (feeding and potty time) my husband and I were talking with Jenny up on the bed. Jenny likes to get under the covers and will sleep there if given the opportunity. (usually only if Don is working an overnight shift and I have the next day off to recover) Missy always used to sleep at the foot of the bed and sometimes in between us, like a proper dog. The memory made me miss her like hell. It also sparked a wicked urge for a frenchie puppy. Now logically I have NO urge for a puppy of any sort. I get to play with puppies all the time. I know how much work they are. And I admit I am a person that loves her sleep. Potty training cuts into that. But thinking of Missy and what a great dog she was just makes me reconsider adding a 3rd dog again. I could do it. It's been 6 months without her and the small things still get to me.
Damn popcorn!

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