Monday, August 2, 2010

Jack is "The man"

I was having a conversation the other day about multiple dog households. It was about how some dogs just require more attention than the others. I can identify. Jenny is a dog that NEEDS attention. She is a busy body and has always been our high maintence dog. If we don't keep her busy she will find her own fun and it isn't always what we humans consider acceptable. Throw in her allergies and POOF, she gets alot more of the attention.
Jack on the other hand is like the muscle at a high end club. He is there to do a job but he isn't obvious about it. He is content with daily belly rubs, some tug play and the occasional run in the woods with his friends. He is a great couch potoato dog. But when someone is in the yard, HIS yard, or at the door stand by. He let's us know. It's what he does.
When I chose my first akita I specificly wanted a dog that would intimidate people. Not because I thought it would make me seem cooler, but because at the time I was a corrections officer and living alone. Having a guarding breed in the home made me feel more secure. It still does. When my husband works nights I do not worry. While sometimes I find myself becoming a small dog person, I am unsure if there will ever be a day I don't have at least one big dog in the house for that reason.
Aside from the guarding instinct of the breed I admit that I was also drawn to the look of the akita. I have a thing for huskies and other northern breeds but know I don't have the energy to live with most of them. I loved that the akita was a breed that would adapt to the owners energy level. Plus silly me saw the sentence "Can be a challenge to train." inviting. I had just gotten out of the Marines so challenges were exciting to me. Little did I know THAT would be my introduction to dog training as a long term interest. (It turns out akitas aren't hard to train. You just need to find their motivation and not bore them to death with repetition. Keep it fun is the number 1 rule.)

If you have told me back then that one day I'd have small dogs too I would have called you crazy. I considered myself a big dog person all the way. Funny how things change. He may not grace the blog quite as often but let it be known that Jack is "The Man". He's always here sucking up his share of the love, (and I cannot express just how much I love this big galoof) he's just more of a behind the scenes kinda guy. Thankfully he's ok with that.


jen said...

aw, what a great post.

i adore akitas, Jack especially. i love his longer coat!

my shiba inu were downright difficult as young dogs, now that they are 3yrs+ they seem to have accepted the life we live and have 'molded' more to our routine than try to fight it. you have it though - we have to keep it interesting for them or they bore easily when training.

i find that giving more attention to the needier dogs is perfectly acceptable. I didn't always feel that way, in fact I had a lot of guilt when we'd foster and it seemed we were 'neglecting' the shibas. They seem to like it though, they're OK with it... it being pets when they ask for them and just as much exercise, food, and love as the other dog(s) get.

Our beagle/bichon sounds a lot like your pug.. he just needs to be the center of our everything.. all of the time! Luckily, the shibas go with the flow :)

Darlin Mikey said...

I LOVE this picture on the couch. :)

Marie said...

It's probably a good thing Jack goes with the flow so well. Otherwise Jenny might annoy the crap outta him. VBG I love his bushy coat too. He's like a living teddy bear.

He loves his cuddle time!

Hannah said...

I love Jack! I definitely understand having a needier dog vs. an "easy" dog. I think it naturally happens in most households.

We do need more Jack pictures, though. He is so gorgeous!