Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Behold the Ninja Pissah!

So Missy earned herself a new nickname. The medication she is on causes her to drink alot and in response pee more. (prednisone) She was dubbed so by my husband after an incident earlier today. It seems he only saw her walk across the floor to her spot on the couch. However when my son came into the room a couple of minutes later he saw a substantial puddle along her travel route to said couch. Since my husband never saw her squat or stop to pee along the way he came up with the new nickname. Then to cap it off she peed again while I was standing in the next room. She was in the kitchen and I was in the living room and there is no wall in between. I never saw a thing.

Really considering the why of it all I only have two choices, laugh about it or cry. Thankfully she has been choosing the hardwood flooring for her ninja incidents. She is also having some crate accidents as well so I have been keeping extra easily washable bedding there for those times. I have noticed that sometimes when she goes out she seems to forget why we are there. I have to keep reminding her to "go potty" and then she starts walking in circles. (always to the left) I have gone back to rewarding her everytime she is successful outside to see if that helps. (I don't think it does but she seems to like it since food is involved.) It is slightly fustrating as she used to do her business within seconds of going out before she got sick. Now it takes her 20 minutes at a minimum for a successsful potty break. Sometimes I need to bring her in and go back out 10 minutes later to try again. Add to that the steady approach of cold and snowy weather and this is going to make for a really long winter.

We added phenobarbital to her medications recently and that seems to be helping her feel a little better. I even caught a play moment on film recently. She hasn't shown much interest in playing as of late (and in her case most playing involves just stealing and hoarding the toys) or chewing on her bones. Fortunatly she does still like getting her stuffed kongs when she is crated.

She has also become super touch sensitive and hates being picked up or messed with in any way. This has brought a screetching halt to her regular nail trims. This is starting to be a problem since they keep growing (so inconsiderate of them!) so I have taken to triming single nails during her frequent naps. I hate the sneakyness of it but it is the only way I can do it without stressing her out. Holding her or her paws is no longer and option. She either screams a protest or acts as if she might bite me. Something I never thought would be a worry with her. But I know she isn't herself so she gets a pass. (as long as I can keep everyone safe)

All in all earning a nickname, doing extra laundry, covering the couch cushions in protective plastic and manuvering around a nail trim isn't all that bad in the grand scheme of things. She is still eating well and seems comfortable so we'll keep on keeping on for now.


Mrs. Lazaro said...

Missy is so cute. Her new nickname makes me laugh. :] I think it's good to always keep your sense of humor. Big hugs to both of you... you are such a good mum to Missy & all your kids, both four-legged and "hooman," as we call 'em.

Katie said...


Harv wore bellybands with the biggest bladder control pads I could buy stuck in them. I always felt completely self-conscious at the check out. "They're for my dog. Um, no, really...."

Marie said...

I bought some medium doggy diapers at Wal-Mart but they were to small due to her odd shape. They didn't have any large. I'm sure I'll have to use them eventually. Maybe I can rig something with kids underwear and pads. Thanks for the tip.