Saturday, December 5, 2009

Meet Zelda, an akita in need of a home

This beautiful girl is at my local shelter and will be available for adoption soon.

She was taken away from her owner for neglect. They weren't feeding her regularly and left her to live outside 24/7. (Seriously, WHY do people get dogs and then make them live outside on a chain?? Why have a dog then?) She had been part of a court case and has been at the shelter waiting to legally become theirs. That finally happened this week. They will now spay her and get her vaccinated before she becomes available to the public. I have met her and she is super sweet. Great on leash and very gentle. I think she is about 2 to 3 years old. I will post more about her SAFER test and status as it updates. I will be helping the shelter find her an appropriate home.
She will most likely need to go to into a cat free zone. They will test her with other dogs but many akitas do best only with dogs of the opposite sex or as an only dog in a home.

As you can see from the clip the presence of the other dogs had her a little worried but not in a reactive way. She is a sweet girl that loves attention. We she first came in she was a little standoffish, as akitas can be with strangers, but she warmed up to staff quickly. She has a super thick coat from being outside and I think she is simply stunning. I just wanted to post her info so that other akita people looking could be aware of her situation.

Check out the auction for Akita Rescue of Western New York: Even though it is a New York based group they do help cover akitas in need for the New England area. ALL akita rescue groups are in need of funds right now so if this isn't a group that covers your area, and you want to help akita rescue, find the one closest to you and donate today. They are already in need of help and with the akita movie coming out soon are bracing themselves for the potential kick that may create. When a movie makes a breed popular there is always fallout later.

Aside from the breed rescue groups local shelters are also in need this year. Consider giving a gift to them with a donation as well. I am a big fan of think globally and act locally. Can't afford a monetary donation? Consider giving your time. Dogs always need to be walked and poop always needs to be scooped. They welcome able bodied volunteers to take some of the burden off of their staff when possible.

I will keep you posted on Zelda. Please think good thoughts for her. She deserves to live in a home inside with a family to love.


Jen said...

Gosh, what a beauty. I hope she finds the perfect home. I'll send out feelers to Akita people I know, too!

Marie said...

Thank you!!