Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I can't believe I have to write this post

Some of my readers know that I was targeted awhile back by another trainer and online "stalked" so to speak by her. I had simply put forth another viewpoint on training and education and instead of simply disagreeing and attempting an adult dialogue about it, she got insulted and started attacking me. This happened through this site, another site and through e-mail. It was online bullying at it's best. She is the reason I, and others in my bloglist, had to go to moderated comment status.

Sadly it wasn't just myself either, she routinely attacks other positive method trainers, and pet owners, as well. Basically anyone she disagreed with. Now she has been banned from a public pet site due to her conduct there. This is a professional trainer mind you. (Remember how I said anyone can hang a shingle due to this being an unregulated field?) Part of me is bummed about it because in all her posts there people could see for themselves how this all started. It was proof of my own actions as well as hers. I had reached the point of realization that an adult conversation wasn't possible so I had stopped interactions with her. (Don't reinforce what you do not want for behavior after all.)

But that is not the reason for this post. This is instead an open message to her: Be aware that posting comments under another trainers name on other websites IS traceable!! Your ISP can be tracked. That means my own ISP will be the same as well. So I can also prove when something is sent by me or not. Online pretending can only go so far. So it is easy to prove the area (at the very least) that something gets posted from. Because apparently you are unaware of this fact.

Now how ridiculous is it that I have to write this post at all. But this is what we, the people she has targeted, are dealing with. I just do not know another way to address the issue. I find the whole thing repulsive that I am forced to sink to this level as a way to protect myself. (and speak up for others)

It is mindboggling that this is an issue at all. If this trainer believes in her training program so strongly why is she wasting time with this other stuff? Heck I am not even in her area! I just don't get it. And I find it all very sad. I am sad to waste readers time on this but I have no other way to get this info out to her because I refuse to e-mail her and do NOT want any more e-mails from her. I have had enough.

So if ANYONE gets a message from me, or other trainers that seem hateful or unprofessional, check it out. It may not be from the actual trainer in question, but a part of a this woman's attack plan.

Sad, sad, sad.


Robin at Mannerly Mutts said...

Paranoid much. They would also need your account user name and login.

By the way, they were perfectly happy to keep me on, but I wouldn't shut up about their lame practice of favoritism.

Not my loss, it's the loss of others that will follow you and fearful dogs who prove through videos and twittering that they have no business training dogs.

Sadly, the public does not have the knowledge available to spot the fake "know it alls" who are the real problem and certaintly not CM.

You are sad and pathetic in dog training, but clearly in moral character as well. I am afraid you will need to own all your own comments at MP rather than to try and defect.

Good try though. Perhaps try not slamming other trainers and methods, and you would get some respect. I still would need to get past your atrocious skills, however.

Robin at Mannerly Mutts said...

It's fascinating how you and your buddies feel free to harrass someone that makes a paralel from CM to chemo, while you like the pararlel for touching a dog to spousal abuse.

You are a very sad person Marie who should be spending a lot more time training your dogs. Perhaps making that video that you threatened to make showing off your obedience skills with your dog that could supposedly fly through it LOL.

That would be funny to see.

Marie said...

A) You are incorrect.


B) I rest my case.

Robin at Mannerly Mutts said...

You might want to stop the libel too, as there is a mighty high price for it, and this is your second time.

Libel is something you do not have to prove made any sort of loss to your business, it's just an untruth.

Like the untruth that I am publishing anything in your name. Or the untruth that I never took a positive seminar.

And even more abstract from your point of view I am sure, that I am not a positive trainer, as all successful trainers are and use positive training. It's pretty funny that you slipped again, and said going after all us R+ trainers, something every trainer uses. If you would stop these derogatory and basically libelous postings, then you wouldn't need to hear from me.

However, you are, so you must miss me. I don't allow people to bully me without them hearing from me. So sorry.

XOXO, have missed you as well.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Wow... LOL :-)

Lauren Hinsman said...

I just laughed so hard I woke up my clicker-trained dogs.