Thursday, December 10, 2009

Doggy diaper 101

At first I wasn't sure I wanted to share photos of our Missy in her "anti ninja suit" because I didn't think it was fair to poor Moo. I mean it isn't the most dignified thing for a dog to have to wear a diaper. But then I realized it is information that might help someone else with a similar issue. So here it is, my doggy diaper 101.

I am using this brand from Wal-Mart because they are cheap and easy to get. 9 bucks for a bag of 14 diapers. Missy is 27 lbs which makes her a medium by the size chart.

Originally they weren't staying on her very well. I think it is because she lacks a tail (to speak of) to help hold them up. Dog diapers typically come with a hole for the tail to be inserted through. The tabs are just like regular baby diapers and can be unstuck and restuck as needed. If they won't stick well due to reusing one several times, I found masking tape to hold it on works well to salvage more uses out of it. Also note that the pad goes underneath the dog. One of my children put one on upside down so it is possible to get it wrong.

Since her tail is super short it might as well not exist as far as helping to hold the diaper on. So to fix this issue I came up with the idea of adding a toddler onesie. I wasn't sure what size to get but settled on 9-12 months. It worked. She wears it with the tag (back) side under her chest to accomodate her broad chest and shoulders. This also means any front design on the shirt is on her back where you can see it. The best part is that the snaps make it super easy to get a wet diaper off quickly.

She only has to wear "the suit" when she has gone out but hasn't urinated and I know she is overdue. The walking in circles for a half an hour and not being productive was killing me. Especially when we came back in and then she did the deed on my floor instead. When she goes out now and is unsuccessful I bring her in and put on the suit. I check it frequently so as soon as she uses it I can take it all off and clean her up and dry her off. I want to avoid her getting a urinary tract infection or irritation that sitting in a wet diaper can cause. I also do not put it on if she hasn't had a bowel movement. That is not something I want to clean out of a diaper if possible. So far the timing has worked out in my favor on this.

So this is my solution to manage the issue for the moment. It isn't a perfect system. The suit has to be on the dog for it to work for instance. And if she walks around it it alot it sometimes slips down as well. The onesie just keeps it from falling off completely. If I had an active dog I would probably solve this with more masking tape along the back legs where the diaper sticks out taping it to the onesie itself. I also do not leave it on her when I am gone. I figure if she pees in her crate I can just wash the bedding. This is also to avoid the irritation of a wet diaper issue.

Now to be CLEAR this isn't about housetraining at all. She is ill (possible brain tumor) and some of the medication she is on makes her drink alot. Add this to the fact her decision making skills have drasticly changed. But her good days are still pretty good and she does have moments where she is clearly happy and playful. Her incidents of falling are increasing however so the slippery steps and ramp have become a bit of a concern. So far we have managed to navigate all the obstacles ok. This is one winter where I wish I could avoid the frosty weather. I hope the diaper info helps someone that may be going through anything similar. I know every little bit helps when living with a sick dog.

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Lauren Hinsman said...

I love the onesie idea! That's fabulous and it looks soooooo cute! Having a sick dog in the winter sucks, but the cuddle time is extra awesome.

I love you Missy Moo!