Saturday, December 19, 2009

Score 1 for us.

This is one very lucky cat.

This poor cutie was delivered to us by a local animal control officer to be euthanized. She was a stray that the shelter couldn't take in due to space issues. Well it turns out she is also quite pregnant. We took pity on her since she is friendly, healthy and very adoptable. Fortunately for her there is a cat rescue in the area that specializes in pregnant homeless mothers that made space for her when we plead her case. As a hat tip to the season we named her Holly. It was a great team effort by our staff and it makes me happy that I work at such a place. The rescue promised us an update after delivery.

I do love a happy ending.


Mrs. Lazaro said...

Oh my gosh, I am so glad you found someone to take her in! I love happy endings, too. :] Good job on you guys' part!

You know who to call if you guys ever get any stray or unwanted ferrets, right? :]

themacinator said...

does the rescue only take the cats if you don't spay them? i have to say, my initial thought is "eek more kittens" or "why not spay?"

interested to hear more of the story!

Marie said...

Hannah, No worries. You'll be our first call.

It is a rescue that takes in pregnant or nursing mommas only. They do get altered before placement.

Our regular shelter normally finds foster homes for pregnant mommas usually. The upside to small suburban shelters I guess. The down side is when they are full they turn possible intakes away.