Saturday, December 26, 2009

My new obsession

The new collar I ordered for Jenny arrived the other day. It is so beautiful I wish I needed to wear a collar so I could have one too! Check it out:
It is called Retro Flower in Strawberry Mousse. Isn't it yummy?

I bought it from the same company that sent me the Freedom No Pull Harness to try out. Their collars are drool worthy and must be seen to be believed. I am in love with all the options they have including a martingale style with an on and off snap buckle. I have never seen that before. (love it!) All collars are custom order. You can get exactly what you want. Oh and with a matching leash too if you like. (I am such an enabler!)
It may be to big for Jenny though because I bought larger than they recommend on the website. In my defense I ordered it after an incident with a choke collar and was in an emotional "that will never happen again!" state. To make a long story short I fell while she was on leash and wearing a nylon choke collar and thought I had cut off her airway to long in my uncoordinated attempts to get myself right side up. (I am a true klutz.) After discussing with friends we think I probably didn't but it freaked me out anyhow. She certainly didn't act different after the incident or was scared in any way. (thankfully) At the time of ordering I wanted the brass hardwear to be able to touch at it's tightest to avoid that in the future. And I wanted it wide to avoid injury to her trachea.
She still rocks it.

I'll probably just order another one in her recommended size if this doesn't work for us. (heck I'll probably order another one anyhow just because they are so beautiful) The other dogs need their own as well. Great, now I have another new addiction. Dog collars!!
Speaking off addictions, I added some books to my bookshelf. Check out my book blog if interested in finding out more about them.


Katie said...

Gorgeous! Oh man I so did not need to see that website. Now I desperately want one (navy blue dragons) for Luce.

themacinator said...

these are our favorite collars, too! mac had that very same one and now wears an orange one. i was just saying last week that he was due for another. they are so sweet and custom make one that's large "plus" just big enough to fit over his "plus" noggin!

here's a picture where you can see his current collar- he's had it since MAY! i really need a new one!!

Marie said...

Awww great photos! Their colors are amazing aren't they?