Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

This is one of our puppy clients at the animal clinic I also work at. Is he not the most adorable puppy you have ever seen? OK so I may be biased since he is a pug. But seriously, the smile is 100% real, no photo shop needed. How can you not love that face? It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside so in the spirit of the New Year and happy thoughts I thought I should try passing that feeling on to as many people as possible.

I suppose I should share some thoughts about my plans and resolutions for the new year. In light of how the second part of this year went for my crew, I have decided to keep them fairly easy. I find simplicity helps one stay on task. And not knowing what tomorrow will bring with our Missy has me wanting to keep things flexible as much as possible too.

First I vow to finish more of my dog related reading. No more starting another book until the last one started has been finished. This means that I will not buy another dog training or behavior book (gasp!) until I am all caught up. This one might take some discipline on my part since I have a slight book addiction to battle here.

Second I vow to finally start on my project of working through the 101 dog tricks book with Jenny and Jack. January is a good time to start since it is . Things with Missy got me side tracked but we are in a holding pattern now so I think it is safe to buckle down and begin. It may be slow going but anything is better than nothing right? (and yes I plan on sharing video of our progress)

Third I vow to get Jack out more. I feel like he has drawn the short straw lately and he is bored. One of the things I plan to do with him is participate in It is a fund raiser for youth programs and has the added benefit of promoting exercise for dogs and their people. And I have a thing for the real Iditarod dog sled race so it will be my mental connection to those dogs and racers. (With much less hardships to face on my end for sure - for others with a similar interest in dog sledding I can highly recommend the book "Winterdance" by Gary Paulsen. It is laugh-out-loud good and one of my all time favorite dog books.)

Fourth I vow to make more time for tracking and fun with my own dogs. The downside to training other peoples dogs regularly is that is sometimes sucks the energy out of me for my own crew. It's much like the carpenter that lives in the unfinished house. We know there is work there to be done, but we can live with it the way it is and only do what we can fit in during our spare time. If we feel like it. I just need to make a better effort to create more of that spare time for my dogs. They deserve it after all.

As to goals for the business they are about the same, continue to provide excellent training and behavior information to all my clients. I do need to look over and possibly update a few of my hand outs. Sometimes as I learn new things the information I provide changes. I will also continue to attend seminars as they come up. I believe a good trainers learning never stops. I also need to start rattling the cage at the prison to get K-9 Corrections up and running again. They still haven't gotten me any handlers but I heard they have a new warden that is interested in continuing the program. I have to admit I love sharing my knowledge in that forum and have been pleasantly surprised at some of the handlers I have had in the past. They have done a great job. I only hope they continue sharing the knowledge when they get released. I also hope to get them to accept pitbulls in the program this time around too. I think it is long overdue.

Last but not least, I vow to not let myself expend any more energy on unproductive endeavors. Life is to short to waste anymore of it. Nuff said.

So Happy New Year from my house to yours. May it be a good one for all of us.

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